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The Story of Dr Chujiro Hayashi

Dr Chujiro Hayashi
Dr Chujiro Hayashi
1880 - 1940

Reiki found Dr Hayashi after he had retired as a Medical Officer with the Japanese Imperial Navy. He became deeply involved with Dr Usui healing system working away at the clinic while being intitated into the first two levels of Reiki.
While Usui Sensei used a simple and intuitive approach using the Reiki energy for healing, a more spiritual method, but after all he was a Buddhist Monk.

While Dr Hayashi was military trained surgeon with a more practical approach to healing, he liked a more formal method. So over the years he devised the hand positions that healed the different areas of the body, thus treating different aliments.

He recorded demonstrations that Reiki finds the source of the physical symptoms, fills the vibration or energy need, and restores the body to wholeness. Reiki healed on all the required areas of the body, Mental, Physical and Spiritual allowing the person to be one with themselves, feel complete, feel at peace. All his thoughts and findings were recorded in a manual that was later used to trained other Reiki Students. Reiki was evolving, taking another step forward.

Just before Usui Sensei's Death in 1925 he trained a number of his students to Master level, allowing them not to just give treatments, they could also teach and attune other students into Reiki healing. Chujiro Hayashi was among the chosen ones. After Usui sensei death, Dr Hayashi opened his own 16 bed clinic, healing and teaching others into his more formal Reiki practicing methods.

During this time, in Hawaii, a young women had become ill, conventional medicine had run its course so she looked for an alternative way to heal her body. She had heard of Dr Hayashi's clinic, with nothing to lose she traveled to Tokyo. He gave his new patient daily treatments for many weeks, as her body responded to the healing energy she became able to help around his clinic, her desire to learn Reiki grew.

The year 1940 was fast approaching, along with the rumors of war between United States and Japan, Dr Hayashi knew that he would be called up to serve as a medical officer in the Japanese Imperial Navy. Going to war now did not fit into his new life style. Along with his daughter they traveled to Hawaii, spending several months with Mrs Takata at her own clinic. They spoke of his concerns regarding the war, just before his return to Japan in February 1938 he initiated Hawayo Takata as a Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Dr Hayashi and his daughter returned to Japan, he began to get his affairs into order. When all his business had been taken care of he called all his family and Reiki Masters, sitting in his formal Japanese clothing, in the formal sitting position he closed his eyes and said his Good Byes and left his physical body.

Reiki had also found another person to take the next evolving step Mrs Hawayo Takata.

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